5 Foods That Make You Fat

I am taking good care of my body. And with the routine care that I am doing, I always make sure that I eat my foods right. I also hit the gym every once in a while to keep my body fit and prevent myself from getting fat. But then, I always wondered, even if I am hitting the gym very often, I could still notice that I my belly still has body fats.


This is not supposed to be the case because I do exercise. What might be the cause? I really wondered about it a lot and then it hit me. I do eat a lot of foods, what if that food is not at all beneficial for weight loss?

And so, I tried to track down all of the food that I have been consuming. After I listed them all down, I opened my computer, researched about their calories and other information’s, and voila! There is some foods that can contribute to making you fat. It was horrible as I also love eating those foods.

If you want to know the foods that I have eaten, here are they:

  1. Breakfast Cereals

I know what you are thinking, but yes, breakfast cereals can truly contribute to your gaining weight. Even if you are buying the cereals which are labelled “healthy”, you better think again as this might be the worst weight gainer of all the cereal foods out there. Cereals have the most sugar and redefined carb which is the most fattening ingredients in existence.

  1. Agave Nectar

I love agave nectar as I have a knack in eating sweets. Still, even if agave nectar is labelled as a natural alternative to sugar, it is actually much worse. Sugar only contains 50% fructose and agave contains as much as 70-90%.

  1. Whole Wheat Bread

I do eat a lot of whole wheat bread if I am not fond in eating breakfast cereals but men, these are also fattening. Most of the whole wheat bread in the market are not at all made with whole grains. Be every cautious for most of them are just a marketing ploy. Whole wheat’s are not mostly made with actual whole grains. Same as white bread, it spikes blood sugar just as much.

  1. Granola

Granola in the market are mostly processed with sugar and oil. If you would know, sugar added with oil is not at all healthy anymore.

  1. Low fat yogurt

For people who are wanting to lose weight by just consuming yogurt. Be warned. Instead of its promises in making you lose weight, it can actually contribute to your gaining weight. I learned this the hard way as I was also tricked into believing that with yogurt, I can also lose my weight. But when I check for my weight, there was a difference but that difference is that I gained more weight which is the most frustrating. Yes, yogurt should be healthy, but these good stuffs are often replaced with sugar which is the number contributor to weight gain.

Remember folks, if ever you are eating something that says that you could lose weight, do try to think again. This may just be an advertising for certain companies into tricking you to buy their product. Make it a habit to look at their ingredients to make sure. I also make this as my habit whenever I am buying my food.

Top Blended Frosty Drinks You Should Definitely Try

Have you tried blending your drinks and mixing fruits to make a frosty beverage? It is so fun to do it and let me tell you this; blenders are definitely the excellent kitchen tools ever invented because without it, we can’t make these delicious frosty beverages that we enjoy so much.

Whether you like your drinks with alcohol or not, these must-try frosty drinks are to die for. Check these top crazy-refreshing and super-easy recipes that you should definitely try this summer or even on rainy days hanging out with friends indoors and just jamming around. Here we go:

  1. Basil Limeade Slushies – for those of you who love a good slushies like me, I definitely love a slushie on my hands. This basil limeade slushie is made with a slash of soda water which makes it pleasingly bubbly drinks for everybody. When you add a little rum to it, you can make it as the perfect drinks for everybody in your little indoor party for sure. They’d also make great cocktails if you don’t know it. Isn’t amazing?
  2. Frosty Strawberry and Cream Milk Shakes – shakes anyone? Who doesn’t love a good, sweet shake in this hot season? With just a quick puree of some fresh strawberries and lemon zest, it can create a delicious fruit floater that is ultra creamy and sweet as pie. Yeah, that’s what shake is for me.
  3. Blueberry and Watermelon Slushies – slushies never gets old when it comes to ultimate drinks of the season. Let us celebrate the heat of the sun with summer parties and some delicious blueberry and watermelon slushie in our hands. For me, it is the perfect cooling drink on hot days, or even rainy seasons if you can.
  4. Lemon Ginger Vodka Cocktails – more slushies for us. These slushy, potent cocktails are easy to make and is good for everybody too. They are also ideal for an amazing summer parties because most the preparation of these cocktails can be done in advance and just stored it in the freezer. This is definitely what I am going to do in my next summer party.
  5. Bourbon Milk Punch – typically punches are good for college parties or even simple gatherings. But, when you do the bourbon milk punch for everybody, which is definitely easier to do, it will surely become the highlight of the party. It is made with half-and-half or milk if you like it like that. It also has frozen version wherein you based on the one served just like in New Orleans and Bourbon House. You just blend it with ice cream and voila, your boozy milk shake is ready to serve.
  6. Citron Shake – have you notice I love slushies? Yes, I really do. And this citron shake is one of it. It is a spike slushie that includes limoncello which is sweet lemon-flavoured liquor made from Italy. If you haven’t tried this, you definitely are missing something in your life right now. Go on now and start blending my friend.

Which one is definitely your choice for a frosty drink?

A Must Try – Easy and Delicious Upside-Down Cakes

Have you ever tried baking a cake that is unusual to your taste? How about making a delicious upside-down cake for a change? Oh they are so yummy and deliciously gooey which is perfect for all sweet-tooth junkies out there who loves a good baked cake.


Most upside-down cakes are super easy to prepare and it definitely melts in your mouth. It is easy to make plus, its beautiful look makes it more attractive to try. Aside from its tasty feature, it is a crowd-pleasing statement on your dessert table. It’s a good cake worth enjoying alone, with friends or with the whole family members.

To make the thrill short, I give you these top upside-down cakes, recipes that are the best and are excellent for your next dinner party. Are you ready for it? Here we go:

  1. Spiced Upside-Down Apple Bundt Cakes – this is definitely a stunner in your dinner table. This pretty and deliciously baked cake gets topped with a nicely salty streusel of pecans and you can add some toasted rolled oats that makes it a perfect dinner or party cake.
  2. Prune Upside-Down Cakes – baking and cooking cake will never be the same without this amazing recipe. If you like cooking with dried fruit, this one is definitely suitable for you to try out. It is easy to keep on hand plus, it is definitely delicious and worth every sweat. You just simply add poaches dried, local plums and then mixed them with a brown sugar caramel to make it a topping for individual olive-oil cakes. To make it more attractive, just add peach slices or apple chunks as your toppings and it’s good to eat.
  3. Lemon Upside-Down Cakes – for avid sweet and sour cake lovers out there, we have the perfect cake for you. This versatile upside-down cake is definitely yours to keep. It is wonderful and when it is made with almost any type of fruit, either oranges or pineapple, it is definitely a keeper. Plus, the lemons in this upside-down cake version add a bitter note that is so lovely that it contrast the gooey brown-sugar topping of the cake. Isn’t it amazing? I can’t wait to try this one this weekend.
  4. Pineapple Upside-Down Cakes – sticking to the traditional upside-down cake toppings? Well then, be sure you will serve this updated classic cake with a homemade buttermilk ice cream for a little twist.
  5. Maple and Apple Upside-Down Cakes – in my opinion, this is by far the best upside-down cakes I have ever tasted in my entire food career. Adding the maple syrup infused with both the apples and the cake icing makes it a dessert worth trying for. It’s like eating a stack of apple pancakes in one recipe.
  6. Orange and Cardamom Upside-Down Cakes – if you like the exotic type of an upside-down cake, this orange with a twist of cardamom adds an exotic accent to a very traditional recipe like you have never seen before. It is worth every lick I tell you this.

So tell us, which one is your favourite so far? Will you try one of these delicious recipes?

Who Am I? I Love Food!

First of all, I am a foodie and I love to explore new delicacies, experiment on new recipes and try different kinds of foods from other places. Who wouldn’t want to know the secrets of other people’s foods? I do enjoy reading, writing and even exploring the country for different kinds of food recipes and new drinks to try on. It makes my passion for writing and my love for food easier and tastier as well.

For the real deal, I love my family and friends so much because they are my greatest motivations to do what I love the most in life which is writing and exploring new things, especially when it comes to new, undiscovered food recipes and drinks, I’m down with it. Without their love and support, I would be nothing and wouldn’t be here to share with you guys my experiences about different delicacies and my travel experience as well.  A million thanks to my family and friends who are always there beside me no matter what happens.

Ever since I was a little kid, I do have had this immense passion for discovering new things. Oh, and by the way, I do love cooking as well too. I am not just a foodie but I’m also a home cook to my family. As time goes by, my love and passion for foods and drinks never fades away.

There are times that I have encountered health problems but I never mind it. My love for food remained strong as a sturdy rock. Even though I struggled with my health problems before and got constantly out in the kitchen for awhile but I just made fun of it.

Then came one day where I said to myself “I had enough”. I was fed up in doing nothing and not fulfilling my passion for foods so I began planning on what to do first before heading out to explore once again. The first thing that I have planned to do is to eat healthy foods first for my health and then learn to do more and more healthy exercises first so that I can explore my love for food when the time comes. After months of healthy diet, exercising and committing myself to eat healthy foods only, I started to feel alive and my body is responding enthusiastically once more. I am now proud to say I am healthy, fit, happy and still have a love for food that it became my stand to get strong enough to part my previous health problem.

So here I am now, willing to share with the rest of the world some of my wholesome healthy foods and my ways to be happy and healthy at the same time while keeping your foodie self in shape. And lastly, before I go and end this post, I just want you to have some fun and be sure to get yourself into the healthy scene. If you have questions or suggestions, feel free to comment it and let’s have a healthy life everyone.